March 28, 2024

The Best Public Golf Courses in Los Angeles

best public golf courses in los angeles

Golfers looking to hone both their short and long games will find Los Angeles to provide plenty of challenging courses, as well as plenty of places where they can stretch their legs and enjoy the scenery. Top public courses can also help golfers hone their craft.

Though many of Hollywood's private clubs may be out of reach for mere mortals, Los Angeles does have several daily-fee options that offer decent golf experiences at reasonable rates. Griffith Park's Roosevelt Golf Course offers some stunning city views while you work on your swing - an excellent starting point.

Woodley Lakes Golf Course, designed and opened by Ray Goates in 1975, provides another good municipal option in downtown Austin. Reviews vary on its condition of greens; nonetheless it makes an ideal place for residents staying close by who want to develop their game without too much travel.

For those with enough resources, Riviera Country Club hosts the Genesis Invitational on the PGA Tour and is known for its lush greens and dramatic setting - sweeping canyons, waterfalls and mansions vie for your attention while you play this course originally designed by George C. Thomas but later modified by William P. Bell and William Johnson.

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