March 22, 2024

Matzo Ball Soup Near Me

Matzo ball soup can provide comfort on even the dreariest days, but especially so if it's all that's available. Thankfully, Chicago offers numerous places that specialize in this wintery treat and delivery is often an option; read on for our guide of where you can find some good matzo ball soup near me.

Lower East Side deli The Pastrami Shop also serves up delicious chicken and matzo ball soup, featuring comforting layers of white meat chicken, carrots, leeks, and parsnips simmered in homemade chicken stock; light matzo balls float ethereally above all this comforting goodness and nearly collapse when touched with a spoon! You can add an optional drizzle of Zhug (a homemade hot sauce) for extra punch of flavor!

Sarge's is an excellent blend of Jewish deli and diner in terms of both its soup and service, offering homestyle flavors without the use of salt shakers. Their matzo balls may not be fluffy like some, but their big and soft texture make this satisfying bowl of soup that you may find yourself wanting to share with someone.

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