March 21, 2024

LA's Best Bloody Marys

When in need of an instant pick-me-up, look no further than brunch's go-to drink: Bloody Mary. Made of tomato-based alcohol and served chilled or hot depending on how it's prepared, a Bloody Mary can either help soothe away any hangover symptoms or simply provide that much-needed kick to get yourself out of bed on Sunday morning - plus LA has plenty of restaurants that take this boozy breakfast beverage seriously!

At The Attic in Long Beach, one of the more inventive takes on this classic cocktail can be found at their "Bigger is Better" version featuring 14 ingredients such as bacon-infused vodka, jalapeno tobasco sauce, tajin rim and even a short rib slider! Perfect to pair with any hearty brunch menu item such as steak and eggs or salmon Benedict!

Redbird in Hermosa Beach offers an exquisite Traditional Bloody Mary experience. Housed within the former Vibiana Cathedral rectory, this modern eatery serves up dishes by Chef Neal Fraser and drinks created by Bar Director Tobin Shea - including Shea's Modern Mary made up of clarified tomato puree with lemon juice, white balsamic vinegar, basil leaves, fennel stalks and chili vodka, garnished with lime wedge, pimento olive skewer and generous amounts of horseradish for extra kick.

Rossoblu in Downtown Los Angeles provides another nontraditional take on the Bloody Mary. Inspired by Bologna, its build-your-own cocktail menu includes vodka, gin, tequila and mezcal for this hangover cure; but its standout is bartender Gaby Mlynarczyk using biodynamic Mell Vodka combined with tomato puree, yuzu kosho and firewater tincture to craft its deeply flavorful concoction.

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