December 16, 2023

Jurassic Park Costume: A Complete Guide

Jurassic Park Costume: A Complete Guide

Are you a Jurassic Park fan looking to dress up as your favorite character from the iconic movie? Whether you're attending a costume party, a Halloween event, or a comic convention, dressing up as a character from Jurassic Park is always a hit. Here's a complete guide to help you put together the perfect Jurassic Park costume.

Character Options

There are several memorable characters from Jurassic Park that you can choose to dress up as. Some popular options include Dr. Alan Grant, Dr. Ellie Sattler, Dr. Ian Malcolm, John Hammond, or even a dinosaur like a raptor or T-Rex.

Costume Elements

Depending on the character you choose, the costume elements will vary. For Dr. Alan Grant, you'll need a khaki safari shirt, brown pants, a dark brown vest, a blue scarf, a hat, and a toy dinosaur. For Dr. Ellie Sattler, you'll need a khaki shirt, denim shorts, a green vest, a brown belt, and a toy dinosaur. For Dr. Ian Malcolm, you'll need a black leather jacket, a white shirt, black pants, and a toy dinosaur. If you choose to dress up as a dinosaur, you'll need a dinosaur jumpsuit or costume.


To complete your Jurassic Park costume, you'll need some essential accessories. These may include a toy dinosaur, a safari hat, a pair of sunglasses, a toy walkie-talkie, or a prop representing a Jurassic Park visitor's pass.

Makeup and Hair

Depending on the character you choose, you may need to style your hair or apply makeup to match the character's look. For instance, Dr. Ian Malcolm has a distinct hairstyle and wears black framed glasses.


Q: Can I make my own Jurassic Park costume?

A: Yes, you can make your own costume by sourcing the clothing items and accessories from thrift stores or online retailers. There are also DIY tutorials available for creating dinosaur costumes.

Q: Are there officially licensed Jurassic Park costumes available for purchase?

A: Yes, there are officially licensed Jurassic Park costumes available for purchase from various retailers, both online and in stores.

Q: How can I make my dinosaur costume look authentic?

A: To make your dinosaur costume look authentic, consider adding details like scales, spikes, and a realistic color scheme. You can also add a tail and clawed gloves or shoes for added effect.


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