March 23, 2024

Ira DeWitt Wants to Be More Than Just a Cardinals Wife

Ira DeWitt is best known as Bill DeWitt's wife; however, she strives to become known for more than her marital role alone. Fox 2's April Simpson met up with Ira to learn what drives her passions besides sports.

She is the creator of SAINT candles, modern prayer candles for a good cause. A portion of proceeds from each candle sold go directly to Saint Jude's Research Hospital - often known as "the saint of impossible causes", it helps children with cancer and other life threatening conditions fight their illnesses.

DeWitt began her business career working for the Yankees, Cleveland Indians and Cincinnati Reds before joining Rickey. As part of her role as business executive she developed a farm system which enabled major league clubs to acquire and train young players who eventually played on those clubs' major league rosters.

Ira is focused on her music business these days and has just brought Ginuwine into her roster, who recently released new material that should delight female listeners. Additionally, St Louis natives Ms. Bee and Oli are on Ira's roster; hopefully Faith Evans and Jagged Edge may join as well for expansion purposes.


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