March 1, 2024

Find a Curly Hair Salon in Los Angeles

curly hair salon los angeles

Curly hair requires special skills, so it's crucial that you find a stylist who understands its individual characteristics. Look for stylists who specialize in curls, use appropriate products and can create cuts tailored specifically to the natural pattern and shape of your locks.

At these salons, their highly skilled stylists specialize in revitalizing blow-fried spirals while creating gorgeous hand-painted color styles to highlight your natural curl pattern.

Virgo Hair Salon

Curly hair requires different styling techniques than straight locks, so visiting a salon that specializes in curly locks is the ideal way to maintain beautiful locks. Your stylist will understand your curl pattern better and can provide the best haircut possible to complement it.

Virgo Salon in Southwest LA stands out as a salon renowned for its expertise with curly hair. Offering organic and non-toxic products designed to preserve and strengthen curls, customers enjoy personalized haircuts and meticulous coloring services from this charming location.

Kristen’s Curl Therapy

Kristen's Curl Therapy is more than a salon; it's an oasis where curls receive the care they deserve. Kristen, a Los Angeles trichologist, employs modern techniques and an intimate knowledge of hair textures to offer transformative treatments that accentuate each strand's natural beauty.

Studio City salon, Curly Locks Salon is an essential destination for curlies everywhere. No need to be famous - cuts begin at $200 while color add-ons cost $115 more.

Moovit is helping over 1.5 million users, like yourself, easily arrive at Kristen's Curl Therapy via buses and trains. Get real-time schedules, pricing information, and directions to your destination from Santa Clarita public transit stations.

The Curl Suite

The Curl Suite is a curl-centric salon that goes beyond mere cutting and styling services. Their expert stylists possess extensive knowledge about various curl types, providing services designed to strengthen and beautify them.

DevaCut offers revolutionary dry-cutting for all natural textures ranging from wavy to super curly hair. In addition, their team offers Pintura Highlighting techniques which add gorgeous light-reflective highlights for every curl in your locks.

This deluxe boutique hair salon is the place for anyone seeking to embrace their natural texture. Their experienced stylists use techniques such as dry-cutting and curly hair painting for stunning results while offering advice on caring for curls.

The Curl Whisperer

Quea has years of experience styling naturally textured hair and is known for her ability to transform curls. She takes great pride in educating her clients on how they can best care and maintain their curls for optimal results.

At Virgo Salon & Spa, a visit is more than a haircut; it's an immersive experience designed to uncover each client's curl's inherent vitality and beauty. This revolutionary salon has transformed curly hair by marrying scientific understanding with artistic expression; each curl receives personalized services sure to leave them speechless.

Roxy, founder of Roxy Curls Salon in California, has long been known for her stunning locks. When not creating beautiful coils herself, you'll likely find her digging through vintage vinyl or scoping out Oakland's latest food pop-ups. Roxy learned to embrace her natural texture after experiencing an "aha!" moment herself; today she uses this experience and expertise to help other women accept and embrace their curves.

Ouidad Salon

Ouidad Salon was established by Lebanese immigrant Ouidad Wise in 1984 to specialize in curls. She developed unique styling techniques and her own product line designed specifically to nourish this texture of hair.

Ouidad's signature haircut, known as the "carve and slice" technique, focuses on eliminating unnecessary bulk from curls to achieve well-defined ringlets that nestle gently against one another. Only certified Ouidad stylists are capable of performing this technique successfully.

Keratin treatments from Ouidad Salon will make your locks more manageable and reduce frizz, creating a silkier appearance that is perfect for styling. Furthermore, this salon also provides balayage coloring techniques which add dimension and depth to locks; an essential addition for an Ouidad haircut!


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