February 6, 2024

Enjoy the Beach With Fire Pits

Summer days at the beach are all about fun in the sun and splashing through the waves, but breezy summer nights can also offer incredible opportunities to chase sunsets, dine al fresco, and cozie up with friends around a bonfire - making a fire pit an essential addition for an ultimate post-beach day experience!

Firepits or "fire rings," as they're sometimes called, are large cement circles in the sand where people can gather for bonfires. There are dozens of beaches throughout Orange County offering these convenient gathering spots; bonfires can be built first-come-first-served (without reservations required) as long as it's not sea turtle nesting season and all rules are followed.

Before heading to a beach, do your research by visiting your state, city, or county park's website and filtering by amenities to determine if bonfires are allowed. Some beaches require you to only burn in areas which have already been used previously in order to reduce debris build-up while maintaining clean sands; other beaches may ask that only burn on days designated "Spare the Air Days", or when there is high wind warning.

Once you find an ideal spot, lay out some kindling (small sticks and dry seaweed) in the center of your fire ring before stacking larger logs to form either a cone-like or square base bonfire. Be mindful to abide by LNT (leave no trace) principles by not cutting branches from living trees, which can produce excessive smoke when burned.


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