April 3, 2024

Clase Azul Celebrates Dia De Muertos With Edicion Limitada Aromas

As part of their celebration of Dia de Muertos, clase azul (roughly translated as blue class) collaborated with chef Diego Lomeli and master distiller Viridiana Tinoco to craft an exceptional tasting experience with their limited-edition Edicion Limitada Aromas collection highlighting notes such as sherry, dried plums, apricot, cinnamon spice maple syrup vanilla hazelnut.

Tequila is produced using high-grade agaves grown in Jalisco, Mexico's highland region. Once harvested, these agaves are slowly cooked in traditional brick ovens for three days before being double-distilled to perfection - providing it with its signature fruity sweet flavor due to the natural minerals in its soil.

Clase Azul was established by Arturo Lomeli in 1997 to honor and celebrate Mexican culture. Every bottle of Clase Azul tequila and mezcal is hand-painted by artisans at Tradicion Mazahua in Santa Maria Canchesda, Mexico; their designs reflect its origins within Mexican society and tradition.

This brand takes a distinct approach to business that goes beyond simply profit-seeking; they instead prioritize artisanal craftsmanship and community involvement as their driving forces for success. Furthermore, they have implemented an ESG [environmental, social, governance] strategy which helps balance their needs as a business with any impactful impacts they might have on communities they operate within; recently they were honored with receiving the Positive Luxury Butterfly Mark for being committed to having positive impacts on both society and nature.


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