February 18, 2024

13 NYC Dessert Spots Open Late

dessert open now

After an exhausting evening of laser tag, movie watching or bowling with friends, all you want to do is relax with something sweet - but most eateries close by 11pm! So where can you go in NYC after dark to satisfy those intense sugar cravings? Thankfully we have 13 places that stay open late so you don't have to go searching.

Chinatown Coffee, Tea and Dessert Holy Grail offers an impressive array of sweet treats - and many are Instagram-worthy too! Try their LA-shaped churros (made by pastry chef Ellen Ramos) drizzled in milk chocolate Abasolo Rompope sauces; or their gravity-defying Buckwheat Honey Cake with Banana Cream for something light yet substantial to snack on. Additionally, their short savory menu provides many satisfying choices as well.

After a long day, treat yourself to a hot drink and an exquisite slice of pie from this family-owned bakery. With flavors such as strawberry rhubarb, pistachio and verbena panna cotta on offer, it will be hard to choose just one flavor!

Meet Fresh understands that cravings for chocolate don't stop just at 9pm; that's why their Wardour Street location stays open late and offers an extensive menu of desserts to meet those late-night hunger pangs. Their best-selling treat is their enduriance che, made up of boba, jelly, tapioca gems and coconut milk; for something sweeter they also offer their signature matcha lava cake as an additional solution.


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