March 12, 2024

Wineries Near Los Angeles

Californians are blessed with wineries galore. From Napa and Sonoma regions, to Los Angeles valley, wine tasting experiences are always nearby. There are also some nearby wineries offering unique experiences with quality wines and distinct atmosphere.

Los Angeles was California's original center for winemaking until Pierce's disease, Prohibition and urbanization made this unimportant city obsolete. Mission San Gabriel still hosts this original vine planted during this era!

Today, Oceanside boasts its fair share of tasting rooms and wineries, such as Orfila in Oceanside. This award-winning, small production winery provides visitors an opportunity to sample rare European and American varietals as well as comfort bites prepared in their brick oven accompanied by nostalgic tunes. Don't forget to stop by for happy hour and their famous grilled cheese sandwich - open daily.

Rosenthal Winery in Malibu offers another exciting LA experience: their casual wine hub provides an idyllic escape from PCH congestion with beachside views, coastal breezes, and an outdoor seating area with beachy music and food trucks nearby. Enjoy sipping on Malibu Rose ($13 for four tastings) or Chardonnay from their extensive menu while listening to live beachy music or sampling the tasty cuisine offered nearby!

This is Justin from Tustin, California.

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