February 19, 2023

Why Do People Hate Elon Musk?

If you ask any educated, politically engaged liberal why they dislike Elon Musk, their answer may be something like: "No one should be that rich." This sentiment stems from a renewed class consciousness within the Democratic Party.

Another reason people dislike Elon Musk is his indifference to punishment when he commits fraud or makes questionable decisions. This includes his tweets about taking Tesla private and his frequent influence over cryptocurrency prices through tweets.

He also has a public relationship with Grimes that some find questionable. This has caused much backlash; some cast members from Saturday Night Live weren't fans of his presence on the show either.

Musk has a history of tweeting some truly offensive and rude things. Vanity Fair has documented some of his worst moments both online and off.

  1. He's a close friend of controversial rapper Kanye West

Musk and West have an established friendship, having worked together on music projects and businesses alike. Rumors swirl that they were even planning to go into space together!

3. He spread misinformation regarding the COVID pandemic

Elon Musk spread much inaccurate information regarding this global crisis, which is currently impacting millions of people around the world. The virus causes symptoms like fever, coughing, difficulty breathing and pneumonia - in some cases leading to death.

The coronavirus pandemic is a global health emergency that needs global efforts to contain. While vaccinations can prevent the disease, not everyone has access to them. In 2022, the US government took action and required all individuals entering their country to be vaccinated against influenza.

But it wasn't until later that Musk reopened his factory, defying state orders to keep people indoors and away from danger.

He's an avid Twitter user, so it comes as no shock that he made some dubious decisions there too. In August 2018, for instance, he tweeted about taking the company private for $420 per share which got him into trouble with investors and Twitter alike.

  1. Musk is a passionate supporter of colonizing outer space

In an interview, Musk expressed his desire to move millions of people to Mars by 2050, asserting it's necessary for humanity's survival. The plan calls for sending about 1 million individuals to the planet; however, they would have to foot the bill themselves for travel costs.

5. He's a racist and transphobic idiot

Musk has made numerous misogynistic, racist, and transphobic comments over the years that have caused much controversy and served to further fuel Musk's detractors. These statements serve as further fuel for those who dislike him - there's no better reason than this to hate him!

6. He Lacks Concern for his Workers

Looking at his public persona, it's evident that he lacks concern for his employees. He has let thousands of them go and demanded they work long and unforgiving hours at his company - sometimes until dawn! 6. Lack of Leadership
If you look closely at President Donald Trump's public statements, you can see his lack of care for his workers.

What's most concerning is his apparent disregard for workers' lives or safety. Furthermore, he fails to pay his employees enough - which may be one of the primary reasons so many employees are leaving his company.

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