February 11, 2024

West Hollywood Ice Cream Shops

West Hollywood is an energetic neighborhood. From counterculture protests in the '60s and 70s through celebrity opulence in the 80s and now an LGBTQ presence. So it only seems logical that it should become home for some of Los Angeles's iconic ice cream shops.

Mashti Malone's is an iconic west Hollywood ice cream shop beloved by chefs, celebrities, and LA natives alike. Boasting an extensive menu with flavors like ginger rosewater or saffron roasted pistachio for an experience beyond any others - you won't want to leave here without trying one or both!

Fosselman's is an iconic LA scoop shop, having served up dense American-style ice cream since 1919. Now family owned, its delicious ice cream will have you wanting to stay and watch an entire season of Law & Order after you finish eating your cone!

Dear Bella Creamery in Gardena offers vegan-friendly soft serve and pint options, collaborating with local restaurants while offering seasonal-rotating soft serve flavors such as raspberry panna cotta and Vietnamese coffee ice cream that is creamy and smooth - ideal for anyone who is lactose intolerant or vegan!

This is Justin from Tustin, California.

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