March 23, 2024

Vegetarian and Vegan Burgers in Los Angeles

Few meatless patties can rival a freshly made veggie burger served with vegan cheese and a crunchy bun, and with plant-based food options becoming more widely available across Los Angeles it has never been simpler to enjoy a vegetarian or vegan burger.

Notable vegetarian burgers include:

Fred and Max Guerrero opened up Nice Burger 100% Vegan (formerly known as Nice Guys) in Chinatown's Central Plaza. These brothers take pride in crafting a delectable patty made up of roasted mushrooms, eggplant, barley, garbanzo beans and cashews for each burger on a soft "sponge" bun topped with tomato, lettuce and onion as well as vegan Thousand Island dressing - they even offer extras such as string fries and tofu nuggets as add-ons! Follow Your Heart vegan American cheese is also available!

Veggie Grill has been providing plant-based fast food since 2006. Their signature dish, the VG Classic, cannot be missed: get it with either an Impossible patty from Beyond Meat or Impossible Burger and add lettuce, pickles, onions and their special sauce for a Big Mac-esque taste that rivals In-N-Out's. Plus you'll get to experience their dairy-free milkshake as an extra special touch.


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