February 23, 2024

Top 5 Sneaker Stores in California

Los Angeles offers an expansive sneaker culture, including boutique shoe shops catering to men & women, edgy streetwear boutiques with exclusive drops, as well as big retail shoes stores offering trendy kicks. There are even consignment shops like Fight Club & Holy Grail which specialize in rare sneaker stock.

Blends LA offers the latest sneakers and apparel in an inviting boutique setting, from casual Adidas sneakers to exclusive Supreme x Vans collaborations. Their inventory spans casual wearables to sought-after collections like Supreme x Vans.


DripLA Sneaker Shop on Hollywood Boulevard provides high-quality sneaker, T-shirts, backpacks and other apparel at competitive prices. Accessories available for purchase include backpacks, hats and other apparel items. Featuring modern wood and concrete styling that makes it look modern and trendy. DripLA provides different colors and designs of sneakers to meet the needs of every customer - recently, its shelves have been filled with Nike Air Max 720 "Total Eclipse" and "Desert". In addition to Nike products, there is also an assortment of other brands such as adidas.

Kick Sole Provider

KICKS CREW is an online sneaker marketplace that helps small- and mid-size shoe retailers establish an online presence safely, without inventory risk or customer liability concerns. KICKS CREW operates with verified retailers and brands globally to guarantee authenticity at source.

Beloved Sneaker Shop is well-known for their handpicked collection of sneakers and limited edition accessories. Offering products like sequined Toms, leather Converse All-Stars and hard-to-come-by colors of Nike 2K4 Huaraches; along with retro styles - they provide the ideal destination for sneaker collectors!


SNS Sneaker Store in Stockholm made waves when they introduced sneaker culture to Sweden; opening its first New York City location in 2017. SNS offers top-tier brand sneakers alongside exclusive Stussy and Aries brand labels.

Meatpacking District location offers a bar and event space, serving as a hub for sneaker community members. Design elements of note include four mirrors inspired by different New York buildings; cash desk modeled after Brooklyn Bridge; display table that looks like a hamburger (an homage to founders Erik and Peter's early NYC trips); as well as four mirrors reflecting each borough of NYC; cash desk designed as Brooklyn Bridge bridge, cash desk designed as cash desk (with mirror inspired by each borough); four mirrors inspired by different New York buildings; cash desk inspired by Brooklyn Bridge cash desk; display table that pays tribute to Erik and Peter's early NYC trips (design details can be seen above).

As well as hosting regular shoe raffles, SNS NY Store also features an excellent selection of spring and summer sneaker, fall footwear, winter boots and basketball shoes from leading brands such as Nike, Adidas Yeezy Boost and Jordan Brand.

Hall of Fame

The California Museum for History, Women and the Arts features an annual state induction ceremony to recognize and celebrate inductees who represent California spirit through arts, business and labor, education, science sports and philanthropy. Recipients (or their families if posthumous awards are received) receive a medal from this hallowed organization each year at a formal state induction ceremony held there; their families (if posthumous awards received) also receive one at this formal state induction ceremony at which you can purchase limited edition hand signed jersey signs signed by Hall of Famers Fred Biletnikoff and Charles Woodson as well as wine from Intercept Wines--to name just two of many great achievements showcased.


Sneaker store BAIT on Melrose Avenue is an essential stop for streetwear enthusiasts and visitors to Los Angeles alike. Boasting an incredible selection of shoes made by some of the best global brands, BAIT should not be missed when visiting Los Angeles. This boutique store should definitely not be missed.

This sneaker consignment shop is well-known for its exclusive partnerships with top footwear and apparel brands. Additionally, this shop carries lifestyle products like clothing and accessories from popular lifestyle lines - often featured on YouTube videos as well as being popular among celebrities like Lil Uzi Vert and Roddy Rich. Established in 1975 in Hollywood.

A Runner’s Mind

A Runner's Mind in Burlingame is an outstanding running store offering expert gait analysis and shoe fitting, top brand shoes, technical apparel and expert advice - not to mention hosting weekly community fun runs and events! Visit them today and experience excellence for yourself.

At our store, we also host training groups led by experienced coaches - perfect for anyone who enjoys being active! Give someone who enjoys fitness the gift of something exciting!

Owner Monte Keleher spent his youth running track and cross country across the Bay Area, competing in track and cross country events. With an affinity for people and fitness, Monte has an insatiable appetite to answer any queries regarding running shoes or fitness in general. As well as founding A Runner's Mind he also owns an event production company.

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