March 8, 2024

Top 5 Dessert Spots in NYC

After enjoying garlicky ribs or spicy hot pot, there's nothing better than ending your meal at Chinatown Dessert Holy Grail with an irresistibly silky smooth shaved ice. Their variety of flavors and toppings - mango madness for example! - will certainly satisfy your sweet tooth. You might need to wait in line, but the wait will certainly be worth your while!

Pastry expert Shannon Swindle brings her artistic touch to every dish at this charming, romantic, upscale eatery. While the rhubarb granita and Harry's strawberries are delicious treats, nothing compares to the unforgettable strawberry meringata! If you prefer something less extravagant try a samosa with pistachio ice cream and poppy seed cake or chocolate hazelnut tart instead.

At this cozy cafe, it's easy to find an irresistible late-night treat - from pies and cakes to cookies and ice cream! Their brownie sundae should definitely not be missed out on; their chocolate chip walnut cookies should also not go unnoticed!

One of the city's cult favorite brunch spots recently unveiled a lovely night cafe for late-night foodies. Although seating may be hard to come by, the wait is worth it for their incredible multi-layer creamy matcha lattes and beyond! Open until midnight daily!

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