February 19, 2024

Top 5 Arcades in Los Angeles

arcade los angeles Los Angeles arcades provide an abundance of joystick-driven fun for all ages. From massive, bro-friendly arcades to venues where you can relax with cocktails or natural wine while reliving childhood glory days, Los Angeles arcades provide grown-up play zones perfect for thrill-seeking souls.

North Hollywood's 90s-themed barcade offers a rotating selection of 50 quarter-fueled video game and pinball cabinets equipped with cup holders for alcohol-infused sessions. On Monday nights, join for geek trivia for an opportunity to win some amazing nerd prizes!

Just like Chuck E. Cheese without terrifying animatronics, this enormous arcade becomes an adult-only playground every night. Aside from an impressive selection of arcade cabinets and chance games tied to video game franchises like video game, movie, iPhone app franchises or iPhone app franchises; beer cocktails and bar food such as crispy tofu balls, tamarind chicken wings, pork belly sandwiches or mouth-numbing dan dan noodles await visitors - in addition to your Power Card offering minigolf or batting cage games as entertainment options!

At Arts District's two-part arcade bar, you'll experience your video gaming glory days all over again and more. The main part of the barcade features a vast collection of classic arcade machines from the 80s and 90s as well as more recent consoles; while its second part serves more as an indoor lounge with an ambient outdoor patio where guests can sip craft tallboys while socializing with fellow gaming enthusiasts.

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