April 8, 2024

The Newest Los Angeles Restaurant: Osteria Mozza

Nancy Silverton has long been recognized for her expertise as an esteemed restaurateur and cookbook author in Los Angeles. Known for introducing California-fresh pasta dishes such as California Sea Bass to local diners, Silverton has garnered multiple James Beard Foundation Awards as well as celebrity sightings at her two restaurants.

Osteria Mozza, sister restaurant to Pizzeria Mozza across the way, has quickly filled to capacity after four months of operation with regulars frequenting its white marbled mozzarella bar. Silverton herself can frequently be found there dousing her signature dish of smoked mozzarella draped over paper-thin slices of prosciutto or burricotta served with charred bread and artichokes with Calabrian olive oil from her own calabrian olive groves drizzling out Calabrian olive oil from Calabrian olive groves from Calabrian olive trees that come directly from her own Calabrian olive groves!

Outside of its famous mozzarella bar, the menu at Osteria Mozza focuses heavily on antipasti and pizza. Here you'll find delicious dishes such as sage-and-thyme-laced risotto (distinct from Pizzeria Mozza's more delicate yet lighter variety) as well as an octopus salad and classic margherita and fior di zucchine pizzas--both of which deliver perfectly on taste and execution!

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This is Justin from Tustin, California.

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