January 29, 2024

The Best Vegetable Burger in Los Angeles

best veggie burger los angeles Many veggie burgers are constructed using meat substitutes that don't come close to tasting like real meat, while those made by talented chefs stand out with unique aesthetics, depth and texture.

At this popular pub in West Hollywood and North Hollywood, an alternative patty made of chickpeas and brown rice gets crunch from sunflower seeds, rich nutty notes from tahini, and citrus herb aioli for added taste and crunchiness. Plus it comes served up stacked between alfalfa sprouts, tomato, avocado brioche buns.

Honor Bar

Veganism in New York City has taken hold beyond Meatless Mondays, resulting in vegetable, grain and legume sandwiches with distinct sensory impacts that go beyond Meatless Mondays. From crunchy iceberg lettuce, crisp pickles or delicious buns - each sandwich offers its own delights - often enhanced by non-GMO tofu bacon for extra crunch with subtle notes of smoke smoked paprika flavorings and satisfying crunch!

At this airy weekday cafe tucked into a glass fronted strip mall in West L.A, the honor bar - similar to minibars at hotels which rely on guest honesty for consumption reporting - is an exceptional treat. Patty made in-house with brown rice, mushrooms, carrots and chopped almonds is sure to satisfy.

The Counter offers several meat-free options, including their signature sprouted veggie burger topped with melted sharp cheddar and crispy onions served on a soft multigrain bun. Sweet potato fries and chocolate milkshake round out this meal that pairs nicely with local craft beers or cocktails!

R+D Kitchen

The veggie burger used to be something of an afterthought on restaurant menus; something added solely for vegetarian and vegan guests in an environment full of carnivores. But today it has surpassed Meatless Mondays; thanks to innovative chefs at some of LA's premier eateries adding their own flair, veggie burgers have reached new levels of deliciousness!

From delectably sweet vegan dessert burgers to the bean curd "carne asada" featuring pepper jack cheese, roasted baby tomatoes, grilled onions and chipotle aioli served on a hearty wheat bun, there's no shortage of flavor at this vegan paradise in Downtown LA.

At this Chinatown walk-up and Highland Park eatery, they take vegetarian burgers seriously with in-house patties crafted from an irresistibly tasty combination of barley, roasted mushrooms, eggplant, leeks chickpeas and cashews. Top it all off with Follow Your Heart vegan American cheese for an enjoyable dining experience - or pair it with shoestring fries to complete the experience. They even serve the Pine Room salad which makes a refreshing alternative meal option!

The Park

Look no further for a veggie burger that packs the punch of a steakhouse meal than this lively Los Feliz spot! Offering delicious grainy No Animal patties topped with onions, vegan cheese melts, jalapeno pickles, avocado and more; this meal offers all of the elements needed for an satisfying vegetarian meal that tastes just like the meaty version! Plus their soft bun is grilled in butter; for something lighter try asking them not to use as much butter instead if your desire.

Veggie Galaxy, a quick-service vegan restaurant that was recently featured by Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive-ins and Dives show, boasts an extensive menu featuring plant-based fast food classics - such as its cheeseburger made with brown rice patty - that appealed to Fieri.

West LA's Airy Weekday Lunch Spot with Glass Front offers an eclectic variety of bean and grain-based burgers, but their best is undoubtedly their hearty veggie patty made of barley, mushrooms, onions, leeks and eggplant for depth of flavor. Enjoy it alongside crisp lettuce leaves, slices tomato arugula fried onion and dijon balsamic sauce served on multigrain bun.


Vegetarian burgers made with real ingredients can be deliciously complex. Here, quinoa-based patties have a soft yet firm texture with subtle crunch for extra savory texture, topped with mushrooms, peas, and soy sauce for umami flavor, served up on whole wheat buns along with roasted tomatoes and baby arugula leaves for maximum freshness!

New York-based alt-meat startup's founders first released kelp jerky as their inaugural product in 2019 before creating the kelp burger, an ocean-grown combination of cremini mushrooms, pea protein isolate, black beans and quinoa that's less salty than existing veggie burgers and contains no added sugars or fat.

AKUA's kelp burgers can be found in various vegan restaurants and through online ordering, while they're also partnering with Nickelodeon's SpongeBob SquarePants to make eco-friendly eating more accessible to kids as part of Operation Sea Change (Nickelodeon's global ocean conservation and sustainability initiative).


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