February 18, 2024

The Best Lounges in Los Angeles

lounges los angeles

There are various kinds of lounges: some feature live entertainment and offer an extensive food menu, while others rely on DJs and offer only beer and wine. No matter the setup, if you like socializing in an eclectic atmosphere while sipping on cocktails there are numerous lounges in Los Angeles that fit the bill for you.

Los Angeles boasts some of the finest lounges. These lounges range from rooftop bars of luxury hotels to cozy corners in airline terminals - here are your must-visit lounges in Los Angeles.

This open-air space on the 12th floor of this downtown tower provides stunning views and an inviting ambience. Relax in garden-like seating or along floor-to-ceiling windows in comfortable chairs with footstools; all can be reserved. Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten offers all-day seafood like Kampachi Crudo and West Coast Oysters plus side items like Za'atar Spiced Fries; beverages include an extensive list of wines and cocktails (such as the Spicy Siena with Casamigos Blanco, Fresh Lime, Agave Fresno Chili), or enjoy refreshing beer on tap.

Dim-lit and clubby lounge offers both tables and lounge chairs in its dim lighting for guests looking to relax with friends while smoking cigars from its extensive selection. DJs play tunes six nights a week without making it too loud so as to impede conversation; you won't miss them either way!

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