February 5, 2024

The Best Breweries in Los Angeles

Los Angeles may not have the legacy or density of San Francisco or San Diego, but its craft beer scene has been flourishing for some time now. Los Angeles-area breweries offer some of the world's most unique beers - from IPAs infused with avocado to flaked maize-made lagers to micheladas with green chiles verde - making Los Angeles a haven for beer enthusiasts everywhere.

Angel City Brewery stands out as one of Los Angeles' finest, consistently offering something different than its peers. Situated in the downtown arts district, this brewery adds their own special twist to traditional craft beer scenes with beers such as their banana rum-flavoured ale and pomegranate stout, alongside other offerings like hoppy beers, barrel-aged stouts and ciders that don't contain as much hop.

Highland Park Brewery opened in 2014 and quickly became a favorite local spot. Their casual taproom provides plenty of space for drinking, meeting friends, and socializing - offering everything from IPAs, stouts, lagers and even some unique varieties like Baseball Lager and Hello LA IPA as their most sought-after offerings.

Other must-visit breweries in Los Angeles that should not be missed include All Season, located within a historic Firestone Tire shop, offering an enjoyable atmosphere and games. As one of Los Angeles's rare hoppy beer specialists, All Season also specializes in lagers and stouts if that is more your preference. Cellador Ales also produces unique beers using unorthodox combinations of spices, fruits and sugars which produce memorable beers.


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