February 21, 2024

The Best Bars in Santa Monica

best bars santa monica At Chez Jay, a nautical-themed spot where you can order both drinks and steak at once.

As well as enjoying local fare and drinks, they also host live music nights - check their calendar to stay informed!

1. The Bungalow

Inside the Fairmont Miramar Hotel lies this chic bar. Enjoy an opulent party vibe while mixing and playing games (such as ping pong). Discover drinks like Brooklyn-inspired Vintage Cosmo and Ultima made with smoky mezcal to produce complex flavors without extra citrus juices!

What better way to end the night than with some karaoke with your friends? This swank spot provides an authentic, unforgettable experience. Enjoy drinks and snacks from their lounge menu while leaving room for their famous chocolate chip cookies with sea salt flakes!

2. The Viceroy

At this elegant seaside boutique hotel that takes its looks and mission seriously, visitors can indulge in high-end cocktails, beautiful people and breathtaking sunsets. Parakeet-green Chesterfields sit next to stunning white modernist occasional tables while locally curated art collections add elegance.

No matter your taste, Santa Monica has something for you - from dimly lit wine bars and pubs serving craft beers all the way up to nightclubs with dance floors to make your night unforgettable! Check out our guide of Santa Monica's best bars to find something suitable.

There's not often a bar dedicated to Charles Bukowski in downtown Santa Monica, but this must-visit is worth your while. Reminiscent of 1960s dive bars, its dim lighting is sure to put everyone in an introspective mood while its walls feature plenty of his writings for debate among friends.

3. Lanea

Santa Monica nightlife typically conjures images of hungry cougars prowling Montana Street or tourists getting drunk on The Promenade; but this city also offers an energetic drinking scene full of great restaurants and bars.

Lanea Restaurant & Event Space, once known as Copa d'Oro Bar, features wood accents, pink lounge cushions and scattered succulents for a chic yet cozy dining and event experience. Their menu boasts over 400 mezcals & tequilas from Mexico as well as traditional Mexican cuisine from Petra Zavaleta (Barbakush) of Puebla.

Zavaleta sources her lamb from Chino Hills and seasons it with garbanzo beans, cilantro and onion before spit roasting it over an earthen pit for 36 hours for maximum flavor and succulence. Pair your meal with an original margarita recipe to round out an unforgettable night!

4. Bar Copa

Santa Monica nightlife boasts stunning panoramic views from various rooftop bars that provide beautiful panoramic views, creating a relaxing beachside ambience after dark. At Misfit you can sip handcrafted summery cocktails that have earned it cult status; or visit Library Alehouse to enjoy American beers on its sunny outdoor patio.

California is known for its handmade artisan cocktails, so why not give California's new wave a try at Bar Copa, an elegant leather lounge featuring an expert mixologist. Don't miss happy hour, which runs all night on Mondays and 5:30-8pm Tuesday through Saturday. There are numerous dive bars in LA dedicated to specific themes; now Santa Monica also has one in Bukowski's: dim lighting tables and pool tables are featured alongside tall boy cans full of Charles Bukowski writings to read while sipping.

5. Basement Tavern

Santa Monica makes finding a drink easy, with pubs, dives and lounges galore. However, finding a speakeasy-style bourbon bar like The Victorian is far less common.

Patrons attempting to reach the tavern must first navigate around a strong trash scent and loading dock before descending a darkened staircase in a "Goodfellas"-esque fashion. Once inside, what was once a wine cellar now feels more like an aged vintage tavern complete with taxidermied deer heads, pine floors and an eclectic range of chandeliers.

The Tavern stands out among Santa Monica bars due to its diverse crowd and special theme music nights; young Angelenos in beach bum-casual attire can often be found here at happy hour, offering some of the most competitive pricing around.

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