April 3, 2024

Sushi Note in Beverly Hills

Los Angeles has managed to remain vibrant despite global travel bans and other restrictions, thanks to a vibrant food-and-wine scene. Sushi Note is one of the newest restaurants on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills that elevates sushi cuisine to an exquisite level.

Robert Lee designed this space with sleek and refined decor featuring an expansive bar and various standalone tables. However, its central focus lies in the 14-seat omakase eatery led by master sushi chef Kiminobu Saito.

Menu options vary based on what's fresh and local; examples might include scallop tartare with aji amarillo sauce; Ora King salmon from New Zealand that has been dry-aged for 14 days; summer Spanish mackerel served with ginger sauce; or kochi (tilefish cured in konbu and topped with grated mullet roe). All dishes come paired with carefully selected cool climate wines from across the world - truly an experience worth experiencing.

Omakase dinners at Saito don't come cheap - with full note costs starting at around $190 - but they offer an unforgettable dining experience that cannot be found elsewhere in town. Here, guests witness serious craftsmanship, exquisite textures, and rare flavors all prepared under his expert hand; while also learning how great fish tastes even better when combined with fine wine - such as how an old-world nebbiolo transforms tuna into umami-rich heaven while funky pinot blanc brings out citrus notes in pieces of squid; similarly for buttery wagyu nigiri that's served up alongside some sour cream-flavored buttery goodness.

This is Justin from Tustin, California.

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