March 5, 2024

Studio City Restaurants

Studio City has you covered when it comes to satisfying your hunger with classic Italian, exotic sushi rolls or juicy smokiness in its classic burgers - whatever you crave is waiting here for you.

Explore Ventura Boulevard for some incredible mom 'n' pop shops, diverse ethnic cuisine options and gastropubs - here are a few must-visit spots:


Granville is a bustling San Fernando Valley enterprise. Here, healthy food, cocktails and music come together. There is something here for everyone in its menu -- vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes as well as an impressive array of beverages such as cocktails and wine.

Town is a popular tourist spot that draws in large crowds every year, boasting stunning beaches, walkways and water parks to offer visitors an enjoyable visit. Families especially can enjoy spending their time there! Emily Carr University of Art and Design can be found there as well as many retailers selling items including numerous restaurants and cafes.

As it sits along the coast of the English Channel, this coastal town enjoys an oceanic climate. Thanks to the Cotentin Peninsula's protection from storms and high winds, stormy conditions don't often affect this city; additionally its location between Saint-Pair-sur-Mer, Jullouville, and Carolles helps it avoid cold northerly winds.


KazuNori Restaurant, situated near Marble Collegiate Church, is known for serving delicious sushi and other Japanese cuisine as well as offering drinks such as beer, green liqueur and wine. Open both lunch and dinner service is provided with friendly and professional staff members making up KazuNori the place to be!

Chef Kazunori Nozawa's popular hand roll bar, popularly known as Nozawa Hand Roll Bar in Midtown East and NoMad, recently expanded with another location in Union Square. Like its other New York locations in Midtown East and NoMad, this location features a long red oak bar.

Hand rolls are the star attraction at Nozie Sushi Bar, and diners can select set hand-roll bundles or the Nozie Nomakase-like menu for an unforgettable dining experience. "The Nozie" boasts hand rolls featuring salmon, toro, yellowtail, crab as well as ankimo and New Zealand sea bream; additional dishes such as ankimo are available as an a la carte option as is ankimo and New Zealand sea bream ankimo and New Zealand sea bream. While reservations may not be accepted, wait times tend to be short while guests can also enjoy an extensive variety of Japanese beverages such as sake and Japanese beverages from other Asian sources.

Sushi Katsu-Ya

Katsuya stands out among Studio City's bustling sushi row with its lavish chandelier-adorned spaces and high-end sushi and sashimi offerings. Their chefs excel at creatively interpreting traditional sushi techniques into innovative dishes such as jalapeno-topped hamachi or caviar-covered salmon; additionally, there is also a full service catering team available to take care of special events or intimate dinners at Katsuya.

Manhattan West represents a new era for this global brand with a striking design and an eclectic menu of fresh seafood and signature cocktails. Signature items on offer at Manhattan West include Crispy Rice and Rock Shrimp Tempura as well as many exclusive dishes only found here, like Hiramasa Tuna Toban Jan, Spiced Beef Toban, and Manhattan Maki - among others!

This restaurant boasts an outstanding Google rating of 4.5 and provides prompt, friendly, and courteous service for their guests. Many guests praise its wonderful iced green tea!

Black Market Liquor Bar

Since 2011, Black Market Liquor Bar has quickly established itself as one of the go-to casual restaurants in Studio City. Situated on Ventura Boulevard, this sophisticated gastropub serves delicious shareable plates created by celebrity consulting chef Antonia Lofaso (Top Chef, Cutthroat Kitchen and Restaurant Startup).

Interior is dark with exposed brick walls and candle light illuminating. A full bar serves sophisticated classic cocktails as well as an extensive selection of wine and beer; guests may select either leather booths or granite-top tables as seating.

Black Market's menu is expansive, ranging from shrimp aguachile and Korean wings to summer squash rigatoni and fluffernutter for dessert! Additionally, brunch offerings at this establishment include spaghetti and meatballs, egg muffins and pork belly and eggs; for something sweet try their Fluffernutter deep-fried sandwich made of peanut butter, marshmallow and banana! Plus there's always their full dinner service from 5pm-11pm weekdays and brunch on weekends; don't miss it!


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