February 26, 2024

Restaurants With Delectable Desserts

dessert open now At this delightful Upper East Side establishment, sandwiches and salads serve merely as preludes to dessert - you'll find classics with an unexpected twist like Frrrozen Hot Chocolate as well as other tempting treats! Local pickup and delivery via Seamless are available.

Sip cocktails and indulge in sugary churros at this new night cafe for late-night snackers. Try the best-selling enduriance che, an exquisite silken tofu dish made of jelly, tapioca gems, and coconut milk.

What to Expect

From avocado and corn mashups to campfire s'mores, there's a range of tantalizing dessert mashups at this kitschy Upper East Side family restaurant. However, their most Instagram-worthy sweet treat is probably their signature Frrrozen Hot Chocolate: an irresistibly cold chocolate slushie worthy of saving room.

Laduree's SoHo location offers stunning floral displays during spring. But visitors of any season can experience its decadence year-round, including raspberry-rose dessert ispahan, chocolate eclairs, millefeuille and croissants - not forgetting its many macaron flavors including durian combined with sweet banana.

Rising pastry chef Ileene Cho's exceptional technique shines through in every bite she creates for this elegant fine-dining bistro, from her honey-and-milk pudding to light and creamy vanilla rice pudding with mascarpone. Don't miss a chance to taste her red tortoise cake filled with mungbean and pandan rice cake as well!


Dessert is often the highlight of a dining experience; here are some of our favorite restaurants offering impressive a la carte dessert programs.

At this opulent Italian restaurant, pastry chef Ana Deshaies complements sophisticated entrees with clever sweet surprises like deceptively delicious "sunny eggs" made with coconut and mango fillings and burnt cheesecake. She also creates 13-layer chocolate cakes, espresso semifreddo with dark chocolate filling and feuilletine crunch, tiramisu encased in chocolate spheres as signature dishes.

At this warm Upper East Side family restaurant, sandwiches and salads only prepare you for what truly stands out: dessert! From light mango pudding to decadent ube bread pudding and refreshing halo halos featuring red mung bean, jackfruit, coconut tapioca and mango served over shaved ice, their dessert offerings will surely impress. Plus don't miss their iconic Frrrozen Hot Chocolate--an awesome chocolate slushie sure to set your brain free--plus their cookies too - they don't disappoint!


Bibble and Sip's Hell's Kitchen dessert cafe is known for serving adorable animal-themed desserts and perfectly jiggly egg tarts, along with matcha or tea lattes to complement your dessert, cakes to go or for take out. For something truly indulgent to finish off your meal, add one of their matcha or tea lattes!

Pandan Dessert Bar will transport you into Asia with its delectable Vietnamese and Malaysian desserts, like monkfruit jelly, silky tao fu fah pudding with lychee and tong shui (a dessert soup), or their best-selling enduriance bingsu composed of shaved ice, sweet beans, grass jelly, peanuts and coconut milk - and much more!

Veniero's Cheesecake of East Village reopened May 1 with curbside pickup, UPS shipping options and cake kits that allow customers to create their own masterpieces at home. In addition, dessert sundaes and afternoon tea-style sets are on the menu as well.

Dessert Bars

At The Social Cork, The sharable chocolate fondue offers a sweet end to any meal with its selection of fruits and Rice Krispie treats suitable for dipping ($14). At Cha-an, renowned pastry chef Justin Binnie uses his French training to craft delectable desserts such as sticky bun pie (caramelized apples with salted caramel) sesame eclair with banana cream filling and gravity-defying buckwheat honey cake that are guaranteed to please.

For something lighter, visit Grand Central Market's Sari Sari Store where longtime Daikaya Group pastry chef Margarita Mendoza has created an exquisite array of sweets. Don't miss her refreshing halo halo made with layers of watermeon granita, leche flan, fresh berries, coconut tapioca and coconut ice cream.

Grace Street Pie Shop of Flatiron features a bakery counter and sit-down dining options in their upstairs dining area, where pastry chef Rory Macdonald showcases his fine dining background with six-course tasting menus. Meanwhile, their downstairs space doubles as a bar serving cocktails and wine until midnight on weekends.

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