January 30, 2024

Puppy Studio LA Tattoo

Yeono of Los Angeles tattooing fame is unsurpassed when it comes to honoring beloved pets with tattoo art. She is best known for creating hyperreal and intricately detailed custom pet portraits that capture felines taking catnaps on cat beds or being cuddled by their pet parents; incense holders or trinket trays may even feature her feline subjects!

She offers both illustrative and watercolor tattoos, as well as traditional American designs.

Alayna Magnan

Alayna Magnan, owner of puppy studio la tattoo and winner of numerous awards for her artwork, specializes in feminine stylized pin-ups as well as modern illustration with bold intricate lines.

She also excels at doing exquisite stick-and-pokes, from delicate bees adorning collarbones to ultra-fine bands and dots on fingers. As a native of Los Angeles, she knows all about its plants and flowers such as palm trees, cacti, and poppies - perfect for an artist such as herself!

Alayna tattoos full time by appointment only at Rabble Rouser Tattoo in Los Angeles, CA. She specializes in every style of tattoo imaginable and currently welcomes new clients!

Paul Magnan

No matter the art form, LA native and tattoo artist Jessica Ivers is adept at delicate stick-and-pokes. Additionally, her artwork perfectly captures the local flora and fauna such as palm trees, cacti or poppies - she knows them all well!

Mister Cartoon counts Kobe Bryant, Snoop Dogg and Eminem among his client list; however, he's most well known for his dark black-and-grey skull artwork. Additionally a photographer by profession, his photographs have graced over 40 magazine covers and centerfolds!

Amazing shop with an awesome vibe. Alayna excels at girly tattoos while Paul dominates monster or horror theme tattoos - both are wonderful artists! Paul crushes monster or horror themed tattoos too. Everyone at Rabble Rouser is such a pleasure and extremely kind people - Rabble Rouser is definitely worth checking out as it offers clean cool shop with great artists!!!

Online Booking

Yeono is best-known for her highly realistic custom pet portraits with minute hair detail. Her warm personality makes working with clients enjoyable; they often come back for repeat appointments! To schedule an appointment with Yeono, click here. Stinky Luke creates bold American folk tattoos inspired by trains, boats and bathroom stall doodles from his extensive portfolio - book one today by either Direct Messaging (DMing) him directly or filling out this form!

Start by browsing each artist's portfolios to select one that best matches your idea. When you find an ideal artist, contact them directly through their artist portfolio page or our contact form and arrange an appointment directly with them.


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