Men's Athletic Crop Top and Brief Set with Sport Number Detail in Royal Blue


This Men's Athletic Workout Crop Top and Briefs Set with Sporty Number Detail is the perfect outfit to transition between working out and everyday life. The royal blue color scheme and detailed number on the shorts will draw attention to your style and make you stand out from the crowd. The crop top is made out of breathable fabric that allows airflow so you can keep cool while working out plus make sure you stay comfortable and dry while you break a sweat. With the matching briefs you will show off your shape and make sure you look your best. Make a statement with this set today.

Men's Athletic Workout Crop Top and Briefs Set with Sporty Number Detail in Royal Blue


Empower Your Movement with the Men's Athletic Crop Top and Briefs Set

Experience the Fusion of Style and Function in Our Athletic Ensemble

Push the limits of comfort and style with our Men's Athletic Crop Top and Briefs Set, tailored for the man on the move. The vibrant royal blue hue will ensure you stand out, whether you're hitting the weights or the streets.

Design Crafted for Champions

Our sleeveless crop top guarantees breathability and an uninhibited range of motion, while the full-support briefs assertively display athletic numbers for a touch of sportiveness. Together, they form a duo that truly expresses a passion for both athleticism and elegance.


  • Stylish Crop Top: A smart cut with a crew neck and a triangular back cutout promotes airflow and a bold aesthetic.
  • Performance-Ready Briefs: Featuring a drawstring waist for a snug fit, and dual-sided number prints for an extra dose of sporty edge.

The nylon-spandex blend fabric not only contours naturally to your body but also manages moisture, keeping you cool as your day heats up.

Exceptional Benefits:

  • Iconic royal blue shade that radiates confidence and vitality.
  • Streamlined fit for all-day ease and style.
  • Versatile sizes accommodating chest sizes between 90-120 cm and waists from 70-100 cm.
  • Durable material that stretches with your every move, perfect for an active lifestyle.
  • A swift style elevation that takes your sportswear game to new heights.

Seamlessly transition from hitting your personal best at the gym to enjoying a casual day out with this versatile set. It embodies both vigor and sophistication, carving out a space for dynamic expression in your wardrobe.

Emanate self-assurance and the drive to succeed with each wear. This set symbolizes your dedication to living actively and with purpose.

Join the intersection of premiere athletic performance and sharp aesthetics with our Athletic Set. It's more than just attire; it's a statement about your unique approach to life and relentless pursuit of your goals.

Where Elegance Meets Athletic Ambition – Transformative Attire for the Modern Man.

Define Your Style, Amplify Your Presence – With an Attire That's As Bold As You Are.

Wear the Essence of Confidence and Competence.

Style Isn't Born, It's Worn

This is Justin from Tustin, California.

I love men's (he/him/his) fashion and stuff like that. I believe that you are the best person for yourself. Your beauty truly goes beyond these megapixels. Its about enlightening your MENtal health for the manly gay queen queer energy that you perspire.
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