April 6, 2024

Museums Los Angeles

Los Angeles offers visitors everything from beaches and mountains to delicious food - making it an ideal vacation spot. However, Los Angeles also boasts numerous museums devoted to different topics or interests - the Hollywood Museum offers you the experience of attending an awards show; while Natural History Museum transports you back in time with ancient works of art (none featuring Botoxed celebrity faces!).

Los Angeles museums are about educating and expanding our worldview, from waxlike portrait galleries of major actors to an impressive ancient sculpture collection. You'll find museums in Los Angeles dedicated to everything from entertainment industry trends and history of Los Angeles early residents, to film noir script writing lessons and how-to manuals.

Are You an Art Lover? Visit LACMA Now! This massive museum (the largest in Western US) houses some of the finest collections available - ranging from modern masters like Marcel Duchamp to postwar California artists Helen Pashgian and Edward Kienholz; European masterpieces including Botticelli and Zurbaran can also be found here.

Car lovers will want to visit the Petersen Automotive Museum. It boasts one of the world's finest collections, with classic and rare cars from across history - such as 1989 Batmobile and Back to the Future DeLorean from Back to the Future movies!


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