February 11, 2024

Los Angeles' Best Curly Hair Salons

Curly hair deserves to be treated with love and respect, which can sometimes prove challenging when seeking out salons that understand its unique curl patterns and textures. Los Angeles offers several curl-friendly salons that specialize in curly locks; with tailored services offering organic styling products and specialized techniques these salons will leave your coils feeling revitalized and beautiful!

Ouidad Salon has long been known for being the go-to spot for those looking to embrace their curls, offering cutting techniques like "Ouidad Carve and Slice." Their stylists can customize your haircut according to your natural pattern and texture while their line of curly-enhancing products has garnered rave reviews among celebrities as well as curl lovers.

Mother of Curls is a West Hollywood boutique salon specializing in curly hair. Their services include cuts, colors and conditioning treatments as well as expert stylists who know how to embrace curly locks while teaching clients how to style and care for them.

Virgo Texture Salon stands out from other salons by welcoming all hair textures while using organic, ethical, and non-toxic products to keep tresses healthy. Customers have left rave reviews for this salon's expertise in curly cuts - with a number leaving rave reviews.


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