April 5, 2024

Kyle Lindgren, Attorney at Law

Kyle Lindgren | LinkedIn

With an educational background in both business management and engineering, it comes as no surprise that Kyle Lindgren is the go-to expert when it comes to finance. Working closely with clients, he ensures they make wise decisions that contribute to long-term goals while having an expert understanding of accounting, financial management and more. Throughout his career he has collaborated on an array of financial projects. Furthermore he holds knowledge in both commercial and public sector law - providing his expertise as the ultimate asset protection advisor.

Kyle Vick provides representation to businesses and individuals in complex litigation matters involving real estate, contract, shareholder, and business law. With extensive trial and appellate experience under his belt, he strives to meet his clients' legal needs efficiently and cost effectively. Kyle served as clerk to Honorable Ronald L. Abrams of the Fourth Judicial District Court before becoming a member of the Minnesota State Bar Association.

Kyle graduated from both the University of North Dakota and the University of Minnesota Law School, where he participated in the Minnesota Journal of International Law. Kyle is admitted to practice before all Minnesota state courts.

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