February 28, 2024

Kosher Restaurants in Los Angeles

Kosher foodies in Los Angeles will find no shortage of Glatt kosher restaurants to meet their dietary needs, from fine dining experiences to Mediterranean fare.

Natalie Trattoria offers delicious Italian cuisine in an upscale environment, featuring both innovative and creative dishes as well as high-end meats.

Pat’s Restaurant

Pat's Restaurant in Los Angeles, California, is a kosher restaurant and catering company owned by co-owner Errol Fine and his wife Pat (hence its name), creating a charming yet exotic environment where delicious food and impeccable service can be found.

At this restaurant, they specialize in both breakfast and lunch service and offer a diverse menu featuring items like ricotta pancakes, huevos rancheros, avocado toast and watermeon salad with grilled salmon and rigatoni pasta for lunch service.

Restaurant for over two decades and is beloved among locals and out-of-towners. Owned and run by a family business, they pride themselves on serving delicious meals with excellent service - a wonderful spot for special events as well!

Brent’s Deli Northridge

Brent's Deli Northridge has long been a favorite among Jewish residents, offering some of Los Angeles's best deli cuisine. A great place for lunch or dinner with family or friends, its menu offers options suitable for every palate.

Langer's may lack the same urban charm of Langer's or Canter's, but don't be fooled into thinking otherwise based on its nondescript Valley strip mall setting. Don't underestimate this counter service hole in the wall's status as one of New York City's premier delis; from cheese blintzes and stuffed kishka to its legendary black pastrami Reuben (spicy enough to rival Langer's!).

At this restaurant, customers enjoy traditional Jewish matzo ball soup. Customers appreciate its wide selection and reasonable pricing.

Trattoria Natalie

No matter your dining needs - fine or comfort food alike - this kosher restaurant has something to suit them all. With appetizers, main meals and desserts as well as fine wines to pair with them and friendly service staff on-hand to accommodate birthdays or other special events, they make the ideal place for birthday celebrations or other celebrations.

This cozy trattoria serves authentic Italian fare such as pizza, pasta and other traditional entrees in an intimate wood-and-brick space. Customers have raved that both service and food quality exceed expectations; particularly impressive are their delicious dessert offerings!

This upscale Los Angeles restaurant brings Jerusalem flavor right to the city with an electric atmosphere and popular Israeli music that will transport you straight back home. Their kosher meats, cooked over an authentic Israeli grill, will take your tastebuds back home. Bring your children along if you can! They even provide high chairs so everyone can dine together!


Schnitzly offers one of the least celebrated Jewish dishes available: breadcrumbed chicken. Yet this colorful kosher fast-food spot may have an edge in downtown LA over competitors offering similar cuisine.

Veal- and pork-free schnitzel has long been a staple of Israeli cuisine. At The Corner Cafe's eatery in Washington D.C., its vegetarian schnitzel has become increasingly popular as an American delicacy. Marinated in lemon juice or lightly spiced with turmeric and paprika before coating with breadcrumbs before being deep-fried until its crust turns golden-brown.

Brenenson and Eliyahu found so much success at their Pico Boulevard outlet - serving until midnight each night except Friday when it closes early for Sabbath - that they decided to open another one in Downtown. Brenenson and Eliyahu hope their restaurant will bring more people into an area which has seen numerous new establishments opening recently.

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