February 5, 2024

Josh Zad Has Built a Brand That Stands Out in a Crowded City

josh zad has established his Los Angeles-based Alfred Coffee as an impressive brand that stands out amongst a city filled with boutique coffee shops offering similar beverages. Alfred Coffee's trademark slogan of "But First, Coffee" can be seen everywhere from its pink tile floor to merchandise for sale and has made the store an indispensable stop when searching for an hip spot to sip and snack.

The company opened its first location on Melrose Place in 2013 and since has expanded to nine across Greater Los Angeles, four in Tokyo and one in Austin. During the pandemic, their brand expanded direct-to-consumer deliveries as well as offering subscription-based coffee service - helping boost sales even when physical store closures forced many people to remain at home.

Josh is also the creator of Calidad Beer, which debuted in 2018. Josh describes this beer as a California take on Mexican-style lager that offers both quality and familiarity; its branding draws from California's distinctive landscape while simultaneously reflecting its casual culture.

Beverly Hills branch features an unassuming, English aesthetic that stands apart from other shops' modern and vibrant interiors. Outside, hand-painted signage advertises cold brew floats and breakfast burritos while gauzy white curtains frame its entryway. Inside is filled with burnt orange-hued walls, reclaimed wood at the coffee bar, and red alicante marble countertops - creating an unique environment.

This is Justin from Tustin, California.

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