January 22, 2024

How to Make a Homemade Fleshlight

homemade fleshlight

Fleshlights can be amazing toys, but they can be pricey. If you want to enjoy the sensation of a fleshlight without breaking the bank, there are numerous creative ways that you can build one at home - all using materials likely already present in your house!

Make an easy DIY fleshlight using an empty Pringles can. Just insert soft sponges into the can, creating an artificial penis effect! Soaking the sponges beforehand in water will also give them more realistic textures.

An effective DIY fleshlight involves using two hot water bottles as an easy solution. Simply cut up gloves or condoms into pieces, secure it using rubber bands or duct tape and dip your entire setup in lube - for even more effective results, warm this up before proceeding!

Foam Nerf footballs can make for an inexpensive DIY fleshlight solution. Available at Walmart for just a few dollars, you can cut a hole in its middle to accommodate gloves or condoms for maximum satisfaction and satisfaction. However, plenty of lube should be applied liberally so as to prevent your skin from being scratched by this form of foam plaything!

Other fun and easy DIY fleshlight options include upcycling an old pillowcase, toilet paper roll or even a ping-pong ball into a fleshlight. To add texture and depth, non toxic silicone sealant could also provide the perfect finish - or try play-doh or modeling clay to fill an interior chip can or sports bottle for an unforgettable feel!


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