January 28, 2024

Good Dirt LA - A Woman-Owned Pottery Studio on the Westside

GOOD DIRT LA is a highly-acclaimed pottery studio located on Los Angeles' westside that provides classes to students of all experience levels. Owned and run by women, the woman-run space offers one-time beginner classes as well as six-week pottery boot camps and private at-home lessons. Artists appreciate its spacious facilities, friendly staff and tranquil meditative environment that help them unwind or connect with fellow members of their artistic community.

Kids & Teens

Good Dirt LA provides students of all ages an environment in which to explore the creative magic of clay through community-minded, woman-owned studio classes on Los Angeles' westside. From one-time introductory classes and pottery boot camps to open studio hours and open studio hours, Good Dirt LA encourages kids and teens alike to realize their creative vision in clay while building confidence and community spirit.

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Good Dirt LA is a woman-owned and operated pottery studio on Los Angeles' westside, featuring mixed-level introductory classes for beginners as well as 6-week boot camps and private at-home lessons taught by three accomplished instructors: Caryn van Wagtendonk (sculptural handbuilding and hand building), Carol Lebowitz (throwing), and Caryn Rehnberg (hand building and specialty surface classes such as majolica). Good Dirt LA does not open its doors to visitors but only accepts paid students during their scheduled class times - no public can visit Good Dirt LA

Due to COVID-19 regulations, anyone entering your studio during painting or firing cannot do so.


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