February 16, 2024

Friday the 13th Tattoo Deals

friday the 13th tattoo deals

Tattoo parlors are known for offering predesigned flash tattoos at bargain basement prices, making the day of Friday the 13th (as well as Halloween and other days throughout the year) particularly tempting deals. Think of this day like Black Friday: shops offer up designs well below their shop minimum, which covers basic supplies and overhead expenses.

Not every artist offers deals; some may only be available at certain establishments. Before visiting an artist or establishment, always call ahead to confirm that their design remains on the list and obtain information on how you can book an appointment; some will accept walk-ins while others require preregistration or advance booking processes.

Certified has quickly built up a national body-art empire with locations nationwide and an expansive selection of styles available to them. As part of its Friday the 13th deal, they're offering over 5,000 designs at half price (for an outlined blackwork tattoo) for just $50 each! You're free to bring in your own ideas or choose from those listed on their sale sheet; alternatively they may redraw an existing piece if that suits better.

Big Fish Tattoo in Solana Beach will offer more than 100 designs starting at $100 for arms and legs during its weekend special event, opening each day at noon until it has reached capacity (they also accept walk-ins at their Lemon Grove location). They provide online registration forms but welcome walk-ins at both locations!

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