March 2, 2024

Fitness Expert, Author, and Philanthropist

suzan hughes

Suzan Hughes is an author, fitness expert, and philanthropist specializing in both inner and outer fitness. A strong advocate for children's rights, Hughes believes in inner as well as outer fitness for her own well being as well as for advocacy on behalf of all children's rights issues.

Surviving childhood challenges as an orphan and foster child gave her the strength to succeed, co-founding Herbalife as well as creating Take 10 to a Better You, Rollermax, and her namesake foundation.

Inventor of Rollermax

Suzan Hughes, best known for her roles in Fire in the Night, A Mini Movie, Kingpin and Midnight is an actress-comedienne, entrepreneur, fitness expert and children's advocate. Drawing upon strength drawn from childhood challenges to build multiple business empires and foundations that support those in need.

Hughes, as the creator of Rollermax, has made it her mission to teach young children to appreciate and care for their bodies in an effort to promote wellness and promote life-long health. She has demonstrated her philanthropy through founding the Herbalife Family Foundation as well as teaching health and safety classes to Beverly Hills School District children for seven years. In addition, she is involved with Maple Counseling Center and Century City 4 Kids. She has worked closely with the Friends of Sheeba Medical Center and D.A.R.E Program; chairing Gem Starr Foundation for Children as Chairperson. Ammann produced their equipment, which has made an impression both in Europe and North America with their trench roller compactors featuring manual control levers as well as solenoid actuation mechanisms.

Author of Take Ten to a Better You

Suzan Hughes has never given up her fight to promote children's causes, promote health and fitness information or launch her own product line. An entrepreneur and producer, together with her husband Mark she helped launch Herbalife and grow it into a global phenomenon within just over 10 years. Furthermore, Suzan created Take 10 to a Better You exercise series as well as Rollermax foam roller - two innovative solutions which revolutionized fitness worldwide.

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Founder of The Suzan Hughes Education Foundation (S.H.E.)

Suzan Hughes is an energetic advocate for health and children. In addition, she's an entrepreneur, fitness expert, second degree brown belt in Karate and comedienne who has written and performed several shows as well as published "Take Ten to a Better You," available nationwide.

Suzan Hughes helped her ex-husband Mark Hughes found Herbalife, an herbal nutrition company which she helped expand to become a billion dollar business annually. Suzan's expertise in herbs and vitamin nutrition fit perfectly with Herbalife's mission of spreading health awareness throughout America.

As major investors reacted negatively to a reshuffle of Herbalife's board members, leading to them writing an open letter accusing Klein, Pair and Reynolds of rapacity, Suzan took action by demanding they be removed. She also created the Herbalife Family Foundation which has contributed millions in donations worldwide including Maple Counseling Center, Century City 4 Kids, Sheeba Medical Center etc.


Suzan has tirelessly advocated on behalf of children, receiving recognition with both the Wallis Annenberg Founders Award and Woman of Achievement awards for her efforts. In addition, Suzan has generously given both time and money to numerous charitable causes like Friends of Sheba Medical Center, the AIDS Foundation, Friends of Sheba Children's Home, among many others.

Hughes was one of the pioneers who brought herbal and vitamin nutrition to a worldwide audience and helped Herbalife become a $1 billion company during their time together. After his passing in 2004, Hughes continued her commitment to helping children through Herbalife Family Foundation and S.H.E. Foundations.

Red carpet appearances still include premieres for Seth Rogan's Neighbors and Jim Carrey's Dumb and Dumber To. She currently resides in Los Angeles with her 14 year-old son Alex, enjoys hiking, yoga, humor and has an exceptional sense of style - she also happens to be an accomplished actress having appeared in films like Fire in the Night, Kingpin, Yes No Yin Yang and Love Doubled.

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