March 5, 2024

Fabuwood Cabinets Reviews

Fabuwood cabinets provide stylish and cost-effective storage solutions to homeowners. Their designs can match any decor style - discover them today to find your perfect cabinet!

Fabuwood cabinet line now includes the Allure series as a striking new option - frameless cabinets are available as part of this series and a special treat is the Allure Fusion Stone finish which offers beautiful color options and finishes.

Allure Series

The Allure series provides homeowners with modern designs to match both traditional and contemporary kitchen settings. Their sleek appearance and superior durability with mortise & tenon construction technology makes these cabinets great investment pieces; additionally, they come complete with a lifetime limited warranty, giving homeowners piece of mind when purchasing.

Fabuwood Allure cabinets are an ideal choice for homeowners who value stylish yet functional cabinetry that lasts. Crafted in the US using a pro-touch technique to provide moisture protection and ensure durability, these Allure cabinets can make a statement as part of your remodeling plan.

Allure cabinets are constructed from a combination of wood and MDF, making them more durable than their solid-wood counterparts; however, they may still be vulnerable to scratches or dents, so it is advised not to place these in areas with high traffic levels.

Illume Series

Fabuwood's Illume Series frameless cabinetry is a modern take on frameless designs, made to match any aesthetic. Their sleek construction enables easy access to kitchenware while creating an eye-catching appearance.

Both brands offer an assortment of colors, from timeless matte whites to trendy grays. Both companies also take steps towards sustainability by using recycled materials and energy-efficient production methods - so if sustainability is an important aspect of your remodeling project, taking time to explore these details could help you select the ideal brand.

Understanding the installation process and available DIY options will enable you to assess if these cabinets are appropriate for your home, as well as understanding their warranty policies in order to make an informed decision about future investments.

Quest Series

Fabuwood's Quest series cabinets offer an affordable kitchen cabinet solution. Their simple yet timeless design works beautifully in both contemporary and traditional settings. Crafted from solid birch construction, these units require minimal upkeep while coming complete with a five year warranty for added peace of mind.

Fabuwood cabinets and KraftMaid each provide different aesthetic options, and understanding their differences can help homeowners select which brand best matches their home's decor. Furthermore, exploring both brands' ease of installation and maintenance can have a major effect on cost and convenience of kitchen renovation projects.

Homeowners should also carefully consider the color options offered by both brands, which can make an important statement about how a room will ultimately appear.

Value Premium Series

Fabuwood Cabinets' Value Premium series provides homeowners with quality cabinets on a tighter budget an cost-effective solution that meets both aesthetic appeal and functionality needs. Available in various styles to meet your home decor preferences. Durable against wear and tear with beautiful aesthetic design combined.

They also come in an assortment of colors and designs to fit with your decor, making it easier to achieve an authentic look in your home. However, these brands do not provide as many choices for homeowners with specific design preferences.

Imperio Line

The Allure series' Imperio line provides an attractive transitional style for any kitchen space. Featuring flat panels with applied molding that combine classic detail with modern flair, its design exudes grandeur - ideal for homeowners with more ornate tastes.

Like KraftMaid, Fabuwood provides homeowners with a range of cabinet styles and finishes for them to customize to match both their home's aesthetic and their personal tastes. This versatility enables homeowners to tailor the cabinets they purchase exactly how they'd like it for optimal functionality and personal satisfaction.

Both companies provide a limited lifetime warranty, are well-known for their high-quality construction and modern designs, and provide a range of color options that homeowners love. Installing one of these cabinets should only take two weeks; we advise hiring professional installers.

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