March 6, 2024

Fabuwood Cabinets - Eco-Friendly Kitchen Cabinets

Homeowners looking to remodel their kitchen often seek new cabinets. One of the best choices available to them are fabuwood cabinets.

These cabinets are specifically designed to maximize storage space while offering a sleek appearance, made with superior materials that provide durability.

Additionally, they are eco-friendly and come with a warranty.

High-Quality Materials

Fabuwood cabinets boast the same premium materials found in more expensive cabinetry options despite their affordable price tags, using plywood and birch with dovetail construction, flush inner frames for an appealing appearance, full extension soft close drawer glides that open smoothly without making extra noise, as well as metal shelf clips to provide long-term support.

These sturdy materials ensure that Fabuwood cabinets will stand the test of time while remaining fashionable within any kitchen design. Furthermore, using their pro-touch coating technique for moisture protection against warping and cracking over time.

Brand provides stylish on-trend hoods in three styles including farmhouse, euro and signature to complete a cohesive kitchen look. Additionally, they can customize base cabinet drawers with useful storage inserts such as utensil/cutlery dividers and vanity organizers for even more functionality.


Homeowners looking to renovate or build their kitchen often seek cabinets that are both long-term durable and eco-friendly, which is why both Fabuwood and KraftMaid provide eco-friendly options. Their cabinets are made of top quality materials designed to outlive their warranties against damage.

These cabinets are constructed using recycled materials, helping reduce their environmental impact. Furthermore, they meet both TSCA VI and CARB 2 compliance, meaning no off-gassing of formaldehyde occurs during their manufacture or off-gassing from off-gassing of formaldehyde during use. Furthermore, these solid plywood cabinet boxes feature dovetail construction with flush inner frames for an aesthetically pleasing look, full extension soft-close drawers/doors that feature full extension soft close functionality as well as EZ level drawer fronts which enable simple 3/8" adjustments of drawer fronts for effortless adjustments of 3/8".

B2B Cabinet cabinets are durable and easy to maintain, featuring damp cloth or duster cleaning options for quick cleanups, scratch resistance, affordable pricing options and accessible pricing to ensure they can fit into the lives of homeowners across all price points.


Fabuwood provides a limited warranty to original residential purchasers of cabinets purchased in the United States, providing coverage against normal household use of cabinetry and related products purchased under this warranty.

Fabwood takes great pride in offering high-quality craftsmanship at an attractive price, providing stylish designs suitable for modern or traditional styles. Their cabinetry is constructed of strong materials like solid 1/2'' plywood and birch with dovetail design connecting inner frames securely. Furthermore, full extension soft close drawers, Blum hardware, level drawer fronts are used to ensure smooth operation for optimal performance.

The company offers numerous cabinet collections to meet the needs of homeowners, designers and contractors alike. Their Allure series, Illume series, Value Premium series all combine style with functionality for an eye-catching kitchen space. Their vibrant array of colors, finishes and glazes help complete the look - Allure Fusion Oyster collection stands as proof.

Easy to Install

Fabuwood provides an impressive range of kitchen cabinets, from sleek and timeless designs to detailed and intricate. Their cabinetry fits seamlessly with various home design styles. Their woodwork is outstanding and attention to detail unrivaled in the industry.

Fabuwood provides storage customizations to enhance the functionality of your kitchen, such as organizational drawer inserts and pull-out options that maximize space. Their cabinets are also constructed with longevity in mind; each hinge can withstand daily use for optimal use.

Fabuwood cabinets may be priced on the lower end compared to some other brands, but their quality and durability make them an excellent investment. Furthermore, Fabuwood offers a limited lifetime warranty and quick lead times. When looking to purchase these cabinets it's essential that you find an experienced dealer with extensive knowledge in dealing with Fabuwood to ensure you receive maximum value for your money as well as help navigate the complex ordering and installation processes efficiently.

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