February 15, 2024

Best Italian Restaurants Los Angeles

Los Angeles offers diners an exquisite sampling of Italian cuisine from all across Italy. Diners can indulge in fine dining establishments serving pasta that rivals that found in Italy's Alps or find comfort with old-school Italian delis that serve chicken parm sandwiches; Los Angeles' Italian dining scene provides carb lovers with an incredible feast for their senses.

Valentino offers the finest authentic Italian cuisine in Los Angeles, and is known for specializing in dishes from Sicily. Notorious celebrity chef Mario Batali runs his namesake pizzeria there and waits can often exceed 30 minutes even during weekday evenings!

Ori Menashe and Genevieve Gergis set out to revolutionize modern Italian dining when they opened Bestia in downtown's Arts District. Meat hooks hanging from the ceiling may appear macabre, but here they signal Bestia's meat-driven focus; menu offerings include rustic savory items like Salumi with Roasted Marrow Bone served over Spinach Gnocchi or hearty secondi dishes such as Veal Chop Alla Milanese finished in a wood oven.

Culver City may prove even more polished than its first location for this neighborhood wine and pasta bar, due to the bright, upbeat space and varied menu of sophisticated yet fun fusion dishes such as the Squid Ink Mafaldine: packed with spicy pork sausage nduja (an Italian spicy sausage), serrano pepper for heat, and plump homemade gnocchi tossed with rich, smoky Squid Ink sauce.

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