March 25, 2024

Arcade Los Angeles - Where Adulthood Meets Childhood

Arcade Los Angeles is the place where adulthood meets childhood: you can stay out late as late as you like and soak in retro vibes at games that cost as little as a quarter! We've rounded up some great spots in town for enjoying cocktails, natural wine and beer while taking on Space Invaders!

This barcade inspired by TRON and Blade Runner sets the scene for all that awaits inside, offering VR escape rooms, trivia challenges and cocktail specials like Pinkie Palomas at its adult-only gaming temple in a vibrant part of Silicon Valley.

Revenge Of's Glassell Park comic book shop Revenge Of is home to an intimate arcade filled with some of the most exciting games you'll find anywhere in Los Angeles. However, you shouldn't just come for the games (securing a table and ordering pizza are also essential components), since you may catch sight of celebrities while you play!

Relive your youth (or simply unleash your inner child!) at this Redondo Beach attraction first opened in 1971. Though its layout may be modern, some machines remain functional while its ticket redemption center may feature items as diverse as boxed holy water, bags of bird seed and Dennis Miller dolls! Kids will delight in exploring its extensive selection of classic video games; their parents may be surprised to find out that Pac-Man's archaic pixels can actually be quite addictive.

This is Justin from Tustin, California.

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